Financial Services

As online banking expands to mobile devices, traditional choices for strong authentication of customers are no longer effective. For example, One Time Passwords (OTPs) are difficult to use on mobile devices. What the finance sector needs, is a solution that can minimize roadblocks to secure authentication using a dependable and natural source.  
AGNITiO’s authentication solution is based on the natural voice identification biometrics that is highly dependable. Our solution for financial services reduces the security threats, increases mobility with mobile platform support, and enhances a multi-factor authentication to accentuate customer satisfaction. The solution is based on proven capabilities of BATVOX, an AGNITiO software dedicated to user identifications. BATVOX has a proven track record and can be used as full proof identification method in legal courts as well. Finance companies can also benefit with the added functionality of the KIVOX family of products to enhance user experience, and reduce IT costs. 
Together, both products create the most comprehensive solution for finance companies that improves authentication security, mobility, and customer experience.