ID Online

Passwords are the most common mechanism of authentication for online services. However, passwords are no longer secure and difficult to keep track of due to the number of online transactions we perform every day. Users most often end up using the same password for multiple accounts, thus becoming vulnerable to security risks. One Time Passwords (OTP) could be a solution, but are not as effective on mobile. What users need is a single solution to manage online authentication across devices and platforms, without having to remember complex passwords or compromising the security of their accounts. 
AGNITiO's new authentication solutions enhance online services and mobile devices by enabling secure authentication through Voice Biometrics. AGNITiO’s engine can run on mobile devices without server interaction, allowing personal credentials to be stored securely on the device, and protecting consumer privacy. We ensure that the device recognizes the owner and authenticates them by using the user's natural voice. 
AGNITiO’s KIVOX Mobile product allows users to teach their phone its “master voice” so that it will respond only to them. Our patented technology allows you to set your voice ID by simply repeating a passphrase into your device. This passphrase can be in any language and users have complete freedom to choose a phrase that is easy to remember.
Once Voice ID has been configured it can be used to perform authentication across platforms for multiple avenues like payments and secure logins. AGNITiO’s Voice ID is the only true, unique and secure ID you would need to authenticate all your services by using the power of your voice.