Blog: November 2013

A First in History of Voice Biometrics

This week at Cartes 2013 the Sesame award for Trusted Internet Authentication was announced. The App "My voice is my Password", developed by Oberthur Technologies using the AGNITIO Engine, won the contest. There is a special significance on this App that was not described in detail in the announcement and I would like to remark here. A first in history of Voice Biometrics.
The App allows the user to authenticate in the mobile phone using Voice. That is new, but not a first in the market. The importance of this new approach of Oberthur and AGNITIO is that it solves security issues of local Voice Biometrics authentication. Both Oberthur and AGNITIO are FIDO member...

Posted by Emilio Martinez, CEO

The Spoof

Can we spoof a good Voice Biometrics Engine recording the owner’s voice? No, if it is a secure engine. But many engines in the market are easily spoofed.

We have seen how soon a team in Germany was able to spoof the Apple Touch ID. We must admit that the spoof is quite complicated and does not create any serious problems for the normal user of iPhone 5S. We should expect a lot of these as soon as Voice ID becomes a real alternative for device authentication. Are we ready?
Voice Biometrics has a bad reputation regarding spoofing. In Hollywood, you will probably remember this sequence of the movie “The Bourne Ultimat...

Posted by Emilio Martinez, CEO


Voice Biometrics Engines can make the difference in good Authentication and anti fraud solutions

During the last Voice Biometrics (VB) Conference in London I presented a session about how to select a good VB engine. Not many people like to talk about the engines that empower authentication solutions. The user experience is controlled by the solutions and the current challenge of the market is to offer stronger and simpler authentication solutions that can substitute passwords and other old fashion tokens. We all agree on that.
But the focus on the solutions, that often mix in a very smart way several technology engines, is obfuscating the need to select the right engines f...

Posted by Emilio Martinez, CEO


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