Blog: May 2014

FIDO Update

Last week the FIDO Alliance ( had its first plenary meeting in Europe. Organized by Oberthur Technologies, we enjoyed a rainy spring week in Paris, by the Seine. We had perfect organization and very useful meetings. New members joined the sessions, VISA was announced as the newest board member, and Authentify announced that they will be using FIDO fingerprint authenticator already built into Samsun Galaxy S5 to authenticate their customers.

As a founding FIDO member, it is impressive to see the FIDO ecosystem growing at the speed of light. Now, attending a FIDO meeting is an opportunity to connect with almost any company in the world you could want to meet. The organizers, both those local and FIDO staff, did a great job to make the meetings productive.
The FIDO Allianc...

Posted by Emilio Martinez, CEO, AGNITIO

VBC Focuses on Stronger Security

Voice Biometrics Conference Focuses on Stronger Security via Voice ID

Showcases Use of Multiple Factors for Fraud Detection and Authentication

The demand for stronger mobile device security is driving the creation of more multi-factor authentication solutions to hit the market, and AGNITIO Voice ID is positioned to be one of those key factors. Secure Voice ID was a hot topic at the Voice Biometrics Conference last week in San Francisco, and how to combat fraudsters was the predominant theme concerning everyone from consumers to businesses to government agencies. 

Multi-factor authentication provides much stronger security by combining two or more factors, and it can provide more convenience to the user by giving them a choice to use the easiest...

Posted by Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing, AGNITIO


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