Blog: July 2014

“Searching for Sugar Man”

If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I am talking about. Sugar Man was a completely unknown American singer (Sixto Rodriguez) that became unbelievably popular in South Africa. He remained fairly unknown in his own country until the Academy Award-winning documentary was released a few years ago.

The “Sugar Man” equivalent in the Voice Biometrics world is the South African Social Security Administration (SASSA) project deployed by Net1 and AGNITIO. More than 7 million citizens have already been enrolled and almost 400K verifications are done per month. But very little is known about it outside of South Africa.

In February 2014 SASSA announced the launch of a Proof of Life biometric certification for all pensioners. A clever combination of fingerprints and voiceprin...

Posted by Emilio Martinez, CEO, AGNITIO

Voice ID prevents fraud in world's leading call centers

Today’s call centers go beyond standard pins, passwords and other identifiers with the use of voice biometrics.  See how our partner, Verint, works with many of the world’s leading financial institutions to identify customers quickly and easily, while employing predictive analysis to prevent fraud -- before it happens.


Posted by Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing, AGNITIO

10 Years of Leadership in Voice Biometrics

AGNITIO has been providing biometric voiceprint technology to law enforcement and government agencies to help them protect citizens and prevent crime. Our technology is now making its way into the mainstream to protect consumers and businesses alike in today’s online and mobile world.  Join us in celebrating 10 years of innovation and leadership with this quick video. 

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Posted by Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing, VP Marketing, AGNITIO


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