Blog: September 2014

Wearable gadgets du jour – how do we secure them?

When Nike launched its Nike+ FuelBand in 2012 there were few, if any, other wearable fitness wristbands available, and at the time appeared to be just another nifty tool to track the progress of our exercise regimens. Not so anymore with mobile device giant Apple jumping into the wearable technology arena this week with its Watch. Apple joins a rapidly growing market that includes Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit Wearables and even Ralph Lauren who just debuted its new Polo Tech shirt on opening day of the US Open that merges biometrics into active lifestyle apparel. Many of these start-ups are beginning to receive some serious funding from the VC community. According to Cromwell Schubarth, Senior Technology Reporter at Silicon Valley Business Journal, in his September 9th article, Wearables are hot: Here's who invested and who got the most VC funding, “database research firm CB Insights issued a report that said $1.4 billion in ventu...

Posted by Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing, AGNITIO

Voice ID Proven Effective in Proof of Life Deployment

Quickly and accurately confirming the identity of millions of residents is critical to managing costs, preventing fraud and streamlining operations for government agencies.

In the latest AGNITIO Case Study, we take a close look at the successful deployment of a secure biometrics-based Proof of Life authentication system by AGNITIO partner Net1 to South African citizens receiving social security benefits and services. 

“South African citizens now have access their grants quicker, easier and more securely by simply making a phone call,” said Philippe Vinci, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for AGNITIO.

The integrated Net1 UEPS system with AGNITIO Voice ID has been rolled out to 10 million people, one of the world’s largest voice biometrics deployments; and is saving SASSA millions of dollars per year, one of the most successful Proof of Life implementations ever. 

Vinci added, “By comb...

Posted by Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing, AGNITIO


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