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Forensic Speaker Recognition: Where are we heading?

Since the publication of the report “Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward” by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of the United States back in 2009,  a lot of controversy has been created around the reliability of Forensic reports in Courts around the world. NAS was ruthless in delivering its conclusions, finding many problems including absence of mandatory standardization, issues relating to the interpretation of forensic evidence,  the lack of established limits and measures of performance, and disparity of criteria for admissibility in Court. That debate is still continuing and affects all the different Forensic Areas...

Posted by Antonio Moreno, Senior Vice President for Product Management

New York’s Biometrics Bonanza

If you combine all the world’s leading companies in voice biometrics with authentication and security experts from top organisations, you get a special event organized by Opus Research, called Voice Biometrics Conference New York, and it’s where AGNITIO hung its hat last week.

It was a busy week – our CEO, Emilio Martinez, participated in a panel called “Simple, Secure and Personal”, a panel so stacked with heavyweights in the field that Daniel Hong from 24/7 Consulting called them “The Voice Biometrics Mafia”. We can assure you that no horses were harmed in the proceedings, but there were a number of important discussions around...

Posted by Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communications

How Foolproof Is Your Biometric Security?

In a recent article published in Popular Science, technology writer, Dan Moren, in response to Alibaba’s news that consumers would soon be able to authorize payments to purchase goods using facial recognition, asked himself the question, “how hard would it be to spoof the facial recognition?”

The answer:  Easier than you think.

Moren first tried using a high-quality photo of himself  – with the eyes cut out so he could hold it up to his face and blink, as most systems require that the person blink in order to verify that a real person is using the scanner – and was not authenticated.

Undaunted, he proceeded to...

Posted by Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communications

Biometric Security Gains Momentum, Could Kill Passwords Dead, Notes AFP

Can’t happen fast enough really! We read more and more about it: "I would love to kill the password dead as a primary security method because it's terrible," White House cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel told a security forum last year.

A recent story published by AFP and syndicated to news portal Business Insider offered a review of biometrics’ growing acceptance in the marketplace.  Apple’s introduction of the iPhone with Touch ID can be said to have captured the interest of a public...

Posted by Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communications

Voice Biometrics: The Natural Choice for User Authentication in Mobile Payments

Losses due to fraud, specifically mobile, are staggering. As we’ve previously written in this blog, for a large company with approximate revenues of $2.5 billion, the average loss due to mobile fraud is $92.3 million, or roughly 3 percent of revenues.  Some companies reported that they have lost as much as 25 percent of revenues due to mobile fraud.  These findings were part of a study conducted by TeleSign and RSA last month.


Why Voice Biometrics Could Be The Next Ga...

Posted by Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communications


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