Blog: January 2015

FTC Report: Security Fundamental to Proliferation of IoT

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission published a report outlining a number of recommendations for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

“We believe that by adopting the best practices we’ve laid out, businesses will be better able to provide consumers the protections they want and allow the benefits of the Internet of Things to be fully realized,” notes FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez.

Security is the primary discussion in the report. Besides building security into devices at the outset rather than as an afterthou...

Posted by Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communications

Security Matters: Distinguishing Speaker Recognition from Speech Recognition

As more and more companies enter the “voice ID” space, from simple word spotting or speech recognition technology to the complexities of true voice biometrics or speaker recognition, much confusion has arisen with the former claiming to deliver what the latter does; in fact, they are quite different. How can a relying party, device manufacturer, online service provider, or mobile network operator understand the difference?


Separate and Not Equal

One incumbent technology, in existence for decades, is speech recognition. Many speech recognition companies are attempting to compete directly with voice biometrics providers despit...

Posted by Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing, AGNITIO


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