Customer Experience Key to Adoption of Voice Biometrics

During a webinar held yesterday, Voice Biometrics in a Multi-Modal Future, Jesus Aragon, VP of Corporate Business Development and Marketing for AGNITIO, joined Dan Miller, Founder and Senior Analyst at Opus Research; Julia Webb, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VoiceVault; and Alexey Khitrov, President and CEO of SpeechPro, to discuss trends in the usage of voice biometrics (VB).

Moderated by Peter O’Neill, founder and publisher of news and industry portal findBIOMETRICS, the webinar began with findings by Opus Research and then proceeded to answer questions based on VB adoption, use cases, mobile applications, the Internet of Things, privacy, and security. 

Aragon explained that VB offers a “small investment for a huge return.”  Webb concurred, adding that while VB might seem costly for riskier transactions, companies can soon roll it out for larger portions of their customer base.

When asked about the need for multifactor authentication, Aragon emphasized that it needs to be done for the right reasons – for risk management; Khitrov concurred, that two modalities can produce a better biometric result.

The discussion moved on to discuss mobile and the user experience, which all participants agreed was key to the proliferation and success of VB.  As most consumers are banking and transacting online via a mobile device, all agreed that using VB must be a user-friendly experience. 

Convenience is important – the consumer does not need to purchase additional hardware, as every mobile device includes a microphone – but so is security, as the consumer must have peace of mind that data is not stored on a server that might be susceptible to attack.

As for the next big step in VB, Aragon furthered this concept of striking the balance between convenience, privacy and security, and also pointed to the need for standardization, pointing to the work of organizations like the FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online), of which AGNITIO is a founding member.

“Customer experience predicts and expands all kinds of companies who are going to deploy,” explained Miller, in closing.  “There will be organic demand for voice.”

Posted by Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communications
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