New York’s Biometrics Bonanza

If you combine all the world’s leading companies in voice biometrics with authentication and security experts from top organisations, you get a special event organized by Opus Research, called Voice Biometrics Conference New York, and it’s where AGNITIO hung its hat last week.

It was a busy week – our CEO, Emilio Martinez, participated in a panel called “Simple, Secure and Personal”, a panel so stacked with heavyweights in the field that Daniel Hong from 24/7 Consulting called them “The Voice Biometrics Mafia”. We can assure you that no horses were harmed in the proceedings, but there were a number of important discussions around security, deployments and the hurdles to adoption. Emilio went into some detail around what security means to us – 99.9%+ accuracy, anti-spoofing and anti-hacking. The panel also discussed the importance of “multi-factor”, where multiple methods of authentication – biometric and traditional – must be used together to ensure the highest levels of security and convenience for users because no one factor will ever be 100% infallible.


On day two, Jesus Aragon, VP business development and marketing at AGNTIO, participated in a panel entitled “Faithful to FIDO: A Vendor-Neutral Approach Takes Hold”. The session was opened by Brian Wood from Samsung who explained the charter of the FIDO Alliance, of which AGNITIO was a founding member, mentioning us as the first and only FIDO-ready voice biometrics vendor today. He then turned it over to the panel for a lively discussion around user privacy and what types of transaction or activity are appropriate for local matching on device. The interesting topic of continuous authentication also came up, where users remain authenticated through a mobile device or wearable, over time that authentication fades and users must re-authenticate, but definitely an interesting concept that could reduce the friction associated with logging into multiple services throughout the day.

A central theme to the whole conference was that there clearly isn’t going to be one solution for everything. In a world of digital data, there will always be risk. There will be some activities that are fine for on-device authentication; there are some activities that need to be authenticated centrally in the cloud;  there are some that should require just single factor authentication, like voice, and some that should require multi-factor and multi-modal (several biometric modalities used together). This show is moving on from being just the Voice Biometrics Conference to being an all-round biometrics bonanza – now they just need to figure out what the V stands for……

Posted by Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communications
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