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Since the publication of the report “Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward” by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of the United States back in 2009,  a lot of controversy has been created around the reliability of Forensic reports in Courts around the world. NAS was ruthless in delivering its conclusions, finding many problems including absence of mandatory standardization, issues relating to the interpretation of forensic evidence,  the lack of established limits and measures of performance, and disparity of criteria for admissibility in Court. That debate is still continuing and affects all the different Forensic Areas...

Posted by Antonio Moreno, Senior Vice President for Product Management

If you combine all the world’s leading companies in voice biometrics with authentication and security experts from top organisations, you get a special event organized by Opus Research, called Voice Biometrics Conference New York, and it’s where AGNITIO hung its hat last week.

It was a busy week – our CEO, Emilio Martinez, participated in a panel called “Simple, Secure and Personal”, a panel so stacked with heavyweights in the field that Daniel Hong from 24/7 Consulting called them “The Voice Biometrics Mafia”. We can assure you that no horses were harmed in the proceedings, but there were a number of important discussions around...

Posted by Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communications

As more and more companies enter the “voice ID” space, from simple word spotting or speech recognition technology to the complexities of true voice biometrics or speaker recognition, much confusion has arisen with the former claiming to deliver what the latter does; in fact, they are quite different. How can a relying party, device manufacturer, online service provider, or mobile network operator understand the difference?


Separate and Not Equal

One incumbent technology, in existence for decades, is speech recognition. Many speech recognition companies are attempting to compete directly with voice biometrics providers despit...

Posted by Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing, AGNITIO

Recent Immigration Action and Border Control Enforcement Policies Revisit Biometrics as Key Implementation Tool

In early November, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an open call for private sector parties to help them understand how to upgrade their biometrics systems.  The call for information was issued by the DHS’s Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), which “is proactively addressing its next-generation architecture and capabilities for replacing the current biometric system to accommodate the expected growth of populations and the new applications of multimodal biometric identity screening.” 

It is likely no coincidence that this call for information immediately preceded President Obama’s...

Posted by Emilio Martinez, CEO, AGNITIO

Today is a special day -- for the FIDO Alliance, AGNITIO, and the world. Today, a vision is becoming a reality. The FIDO Alliance has published the final FIDO 1.0 specifications – a major step forward in eliminating passwords and simplifying and strengthening authentication for consumers, online service providers, and enterprises alike.

It all started with a vision of six market leading companies (AGNITIO was one of the six) in February 2013. Their goal was to allow people to access online services without having to remember and type in passwords, and without fearing that their personal information could be stolen online.

AGNITIO has enabled FIDO authentication in the world’s leading voice biometrics solution. It is now possible to simply speak to unlock your smartphone and securely access your online accounts. FIDO 1.0 specs establish the infrastructure...

Posted by Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing, AGNITIO