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Last week the FIDO Alliance ( had its first plenary meeting in Europe. Organized by Oberthur Technologies, we enjoyed a rainy spring week in Paris, by the Seine. We had perfect organization and very useful meetings. New members joined the sessions, VISA was announced as the newest board member, and Authentify announced that they will be using FIDO fingerprint authenticator already built into Samsun Galaxy S5 to authenticate their customers.

As a founding FIDO member, it is impressive to see the FIDO ecosystem growing at the speed of light. Now, attending a FIDO meeting is an opportunity to connect with almost any company in the world you could want to meet. The organizers, both those local and FIDO staff, did a great job to make the meetings productive.
The FIDO Allianc...

Posted by Emilio Martinez, CEO, AGNITIO

This week at Cartes 2013 the Sesame award for Trusted Internet Authentication was announced. The App "My voice is my Password", developed by Oberthur Technologies using the AGNITIO Engine, won the contest. There is a special significance on this App that was not described in detail in the announcement and I would like to remark here. A first in history of Voice Biometrics.
The App allows the user to authenticate in the mobile phone using Voice. That is new, but not a first in the market. The importance of this new approach of Oberthur and AGNITIO is that it solves security issues of local Voice Biometrics authentication. Both Oberthur and AGNITIO are FIDO member...

Posted by Emilio Martinez, CEO