AGNITiO “Voice iD” Enables User-Friendly App and Device Authentication and Secures Mobile Transactions - 4 Dec 2013

AGNITiO “Voice iD” Enables User-Friendly App and Device Authentication and Secures Mobile Transactions

New AGNITiO Website and Voice iD Branding Demonstrate Secure, Universal and Natural Personal Identification

December 04, 2013 08:45 AM Eastern Standard Time

MADRID & PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AGNITiO, worldwide market leader in voice biometrics, today announced the roll out of its new website and Voice iD branding strategy. Voice iD accurately describes the category of voice biometrics technologies used to identify and authenticate users by their unique voiceprint. With Voice iD, consumers can speak into their smartphones and other mobile devices to log on hands free, securely access apps and documents, and make secure mobile payments, as well as use a voiceprint to identify themselves with call centers.

“By providing what is essentially effortless authentication, the iPhone 5S Touch ID opens the door for a range of biometric modalities that can be similarly deployed as natural fits for mobile devices”

AGNITiO’s vision encompasses comprehensive adoption of Voice iD in mobile devices – including smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. With consumers’ continued frustration with typing passwords and PINs, 58% forgetting their online passwords, and the universal, hands-free accessibility and convenience of the spoken word, Voice iD will simplify mobile login and make transactions faster than ever.

“With Apple’s introduction of the Touch ID feature in the iPhone 5S, consumers have awakened to new ways of authentication,” said Emilio Martinez, AGNITiO CEO. “Voice iD may be the easiest method, complementary to Touch ID, yet faster to deploy. The AGNITiO Voice iD software engine can be immediately added to any device, platform or application, which allows for rapid ecosystem adoption. Soon consumers in a variety of scenarios will identify themselves with their unique voiceprint, in any language, electronically or by phone in a variety of scenarios.”

In fact, in a recent Ponemon study entitledMoving Beyond Passwords: Consumer Attitudes on Online Authentication” voice authentication was chosen as the most acceptable type of biometric identifier over facial, hand, eye and fingerprint technologies.

“By providing what is essentially effortless authentication, the iPhone 5S Touch ID opens the door for a range of biometric modalities that can be similarly deployed as natural fits for mobile devices,” said leading biometric market analyst Maxine Most, Principal of Acuity Market Intelligence. “This is especially true of voice authentication, which is viewed as the ultimate in 'do nothing' biometric for mobile phones.”

Voiceprints can be combined with passwords or other factors for added layers of security in high value transactions. Whether used in a single or multi-factor authentication scenario, Voice iD provides strong security for financial, call center, and healthcare institutions that need to maintain consumer privacy and prevent costly fraud. According to Gartner, by 2015, 25 major U.S. call centers, each with more than 7 million calls a year, will use voice biometrics and phone printing for user authentication and fraud detection, up from about five in early 2013.

The AGNITiO Voice iD Advantage

All voice biometrics technologies are not created equal. As the leader in government and law enforcement, and with a rapidly growing call center presence, AGNITiO Voice iD engine running KIVOX Mobile software allows for the use of simple, short voice phrases that are accurately detected 99.9% of the time. AGNITiO has a proprietary patented anti-spoofing technology that detects up to 97% of replay attacks, as well as many others risks. KIVOX software is completely language independent, minimizing costs for global deployments and enabling natural voice and user friendly authentication.

For more information about the Voice iD revolution, download the white paper “Identifying the Human Voice in a Mobile and Web-Enabled World: Voice Identification for Business Applications”.


AGNITiO ( is a worldwide market leader for voice biometrics solutions in government and commercial sectors. AGNITiO has an extensive customer base including leading police, intelligence, military and other government organizations in over 35 countries, as well as a number of leading customers and partners in the commercial sector. AGNITiO Corp. is the US subsidiary, leading business development in USA and Canada. AGNITiO’s technology and products are protected by a family of patents that grows every year.

AGNITiO KIVOX is a voice biometrics product family targeted at the corporate sector. Financial services, telecommunications, utilities and other sectors are implementing new security solutions based on voice biometrics. KIVOX is ideally positioned in this market, with underlying Voice iD technology developed in most demanding environments such as forensics and intelligence.

AGNITiO has obtained numerous awards including the Red Herring 100 Global (2007), Speech Technology Market winner award (2007), Speech Technology Market leader award (2008), Regional finalists for the Global Security Challenge (2009), Speech Technology Market leader award (2010), Global Security Challenge (2011) and Speech Technology Market winner award (2012).

AGNITiO is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online), which is dedicated to delivering open standards for strong multi-factor authentication. AGNITiO is already delivering a FIDO Alliance model solution with its voice biometrics Voice iD platform.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013