The BS³ (Biometric Speaker Spotting System) family of products is a thought revolution for voice surveillance. It is designed to cover all Speaker Identification needs in lawful intercept and SigInt solutions. Due to impressive accuracy and speed, the BS³ engine can spot audio targets among millions of calls and find relationships among speakers in large amounts of audio files. BS³ allows deployment of all voice surveillance solutions, ensuring easy communication, data exchange compatibility and scalability.

The BS³ family consists of the following APIS to be integrated in solutions at all levels

  • BS³ Strategic, designed for voice interception and voice mining, is able to analyze millions of audio files spotting targets with extreme accuracy, reducing dramatically the number of calls required for intelligence processing and facilitating quick speaker pursuit.
  • BS³ Tactical, designed for real-time identification of key targets, integrated into tactical SigInt systems.
  • ASIS Repository, designed to store and search over a large number of voice targets.

The BS³ family performance is the fastest surveillance engine available today

One instance of BS³ can spot up to 2000 hours of audios per day in offline mode and run up to 50 simultaneous channels in streaming mode. Its multithreading capabilities allow operations in high multiples of that performance.
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