ASIS (Automatic Speaker Identification System) is a solution deployed for building centralized Biometric Voice Print (BVP) databases providing police forces with a new tool for identification of suspects and criminals during investigations. This tool best fits the needs of any local and national law enforcement organization.
ASIS provides services similar to AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) and is the leading 1:M Voice Biometrics product.
The identification results contain a list of possible candidates who are likely matches to the voice sample, ranked from highest to lowest probability to show that the audio test belongs to the suspect, thus providing support for further investigations.

ASIS is available in two different packages:

  • A standalone solution that provides a complete Graphical User Interface (GUI);
  • A high level API that provides a Web Services interface allowing easy integration into existing platforms.
ASIS provides Law Enforcement agencies with the ability to store hundreds of thousands of BVPs in a central database and compare unknown individuals against those BVPs (1:M identification). ASIS performance is extremely high: 20,000 matches in less than 5 seconds.
ASIS also carries out automatic separation of speakers assisting the enrolment process of BVPs in the database and auto-calibration aligning the scores produced against the defined thresholds.
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