What can you do with AGNITIO's products?

AGNITiO creates your Voice ID. Voice ID is the biometric parameter par excellence to be used in all telephone communications and when are interacting with your smartphone or tablet. No additional device is necessary, since the voice is captured, digitalized and sent via the proper telephone or data line. So, mobile apps and contact center applications are the most common for this biometric method. Authentication and Fraud detection for Call Centers, and Voice ID to open Apps in your smart phone or perform on line transactions, are some of the most obvious. Our phone can be activated via voice, without the need for passwords. It will also become impossible for a user to steal the phone and use it. Our banks will recognize our voice when we place a call and we will be able to initiate transactions without having to remember PIN numbers or passwords. If someone tries to use our account, they will be unable to do so even if they know our account data.

In other applications, we must remember that during the course of police investigations not only DNA and fingerprint evidence is obtained, but voices are also recorded on answering machines (voice mail), during bomb threats and intercepted telephone conversations. More and more scientific police forces, using programs such as BATVOX, can identify speakers with greater accuracy and precision, combining the technology with more traditional methods based on phonetic and linguistic techniques.

In all practical cases, it is important to know the limits of the technology: its strengths and weaknesses. Speaker recognition can already be successfully used in numerous practical applications but it is not a panacea that can deal with every situation. AGNITiO is committed to assess each client about the best solution for their specific needs and recommend the best biometric speaker applications or, in case it is required, the best alternative options.