Could someone record my voice and defeat the security?

No security measure is completely free from risk. For voice authentication, the biggest concern is a replay attack, in which a criminal uses a recording of the user’s voice to spoof their identity. For example, a remote hacker might deploy a “Man-In-The-Middle” (MITM) attack to intercept the voice recording of a legitimate session. Someone might eavesdrop and record the speaker from afar (“far-field” recording).

Any voice identification solution needs to include measures to detect replay attacks. Because of its long history in law enforcement and security industries, AGNITIO has developed patented techniques for detecting replays. It combines passive detection of the acoustic characteristics of a replay attack with an active detection algorithm – essentially ‘step up’ authentication. In other words, it can detect signs that the voice has been recorded and ask for an additional response if it determines a higher risk. Attackers that have a single recording only to replay will not be able to pass the active authentication step.