How accurate is KIVOX?

Using natural speech, KIVOX can work with error rates below 1%. When optimized for short utterances, where the same phrase has to be used for enrolment and authentication, KIVOX works with error rates below 0.1%.

Error rates depend on several factors, such as length of utterance, quality of audios and working points. To predict the error rates for the use case, a set of audios similar to the real ones will be needed and the threshold in the desired working point will be set (high security or high convenience). KIVOX can obtain error rates below 1% for complete free speech conversations of 7s of length (the voice print is created with at least 30 of speech) in a typical call centre environment. KIVOX can be optimized for short utterances in collaborative situations to obtain better error rates with shorter utterances. In that case, the user will enrol repeating 3 times a selected sentence 2-3s long and will authenticate repeating the same sentence once. In those cases, using a smart phone with our technology embedded, Error rates below 0.1% are obtained. With very short phrases of 1s, such as those used for wake-up functions, error rates are in the range of 1.5%.