How good is AGNITIO's Anti-Spoofing Technology?

With the use of AGNITIO’s proprietary patented anti-spoofing technology, AGNITIO KIVOX detects up to 97% of replay attacks, as well as many other spoofing attacks such as cut-and-paste. The protection is achieved as part of the verification attempt, without the need for any additional steps such as liveness detection.

Many different techniques can be used to spoof a speaker verification system. The most common and obvious is the replay attack, where a fraudster simply plays a recording of the user’s voice in order to get access to his account. There are other techniques such as cut-and-paste where the fraudster builds a pre-defined sentence with words extracted from longer recordings of the legitimate user’s voice. AGNITIO is the only vendor that offers a comprehensive set of anti-spoofing capabilities based on AGNITIO’s proprietary technology backed with 4 patents. AGNITIO’s KIVOX product detects up to 97% of spoofing attacks using acoustic characteristics of the access recording, without the need for any annoying additional steps such as “liveness detection” process which forces users to repeat random words or sentences. In practice, liveness detection only increases verification time (by two or three times) without adding any real protection. AGNITIO can significantly increase protection against spoofing, enabling very secure deployments.