What is Voice Biometrics?

The voice is a personal characteristic that can be used to identify a person in an unique way. Voice Biometrics is the technology used to extract personal voice patterns and verify speaker identity using just voice. When you speak, your voice contains many levels of information.

The most obvious is “What you are saying”. This information can be automatically retrieved using ASR technologies (Automatic Speech Recognition). This technology is different from voice Biometrics although sometimes both are confused by the public. Second is information related to “How you speak”, your language, your accent, your speaking style. This high level information is used by our brain to identify a person, its culture, its mood. This information is used by linguists and phoneticians also to identify a speaker.

Finally, the most basic information carried by your voice is related to your physical vocal tract: the shape of your larynx, mouth, nose. This information is embedded in the wave forms of your voice. This information is very difficult to change or disguise by the speaker and it is the same independently of the language you are speaking or what you are saying. This is the information captured by Voice Biometrics technologies and is the base of our products.