Solution Brief - Contact Center

As a global leader in voice biometrics, AGNITIO brings new authentication solutions for call centers.  When deployed as part of the contact center infrastructure, AGNITIO Voice ID helps reduce call center fraud.  Fraud detection is not only about securing authentication. The main tool to fight against sophisticated fraudsters is to analyze as many interactions as possible and generate an alert when suspicious activities are detected. Between 75% and 95% of the cases detected are repeated attacks.  Being able to spot the voices of those professional fraudsters can have a tremendous impact in fraud reduction.

Any call to a contact center can be compared to a black list of fraudsters’ voices. Even when a person is not conducting a transaction, but simply asking for information (the first step in many fraud schemes), their voice will automatically be compared to a black list of over up to 1000 known fraudsters so that illegitimate callers can be detected and transferred to a more secure protocol.  And this process is completely transparent to legitimate customers with no impact on transaction time.  With AGNTIO KIVOX Passive Detection, the authentication process is completely seamless for transactions performed with call center agents.  No enrollment process is needed. Customers´ voiceprints are simply created by using historical recordings. And the customer is identified using natural speech.  Our accurate free speech technology together with multiple speaker separation capabilities allows a secure multifactor authentication using natural speech in transactions with an agent. The KIVOX Passive Detection API can be integrated into CTI, Workforce optimization or other call center Software, providing the seamless customer authentication that only voice can achieve.  Based on the results obtained by our partners, fraud can be reduced by 75% in just months by using our voice detection technology.