Solution Brief - Criminal ID

AGNITIO offers the only solution exclusively designed to meet the requirements of criminal ID experts and security organizations. AGNITIO’s Criminal ID Solution combines the capabilities of AGNITIO’s leading voice identification systems BATVOX and ASIS, to form a more efficient voice identification system that enables criminal identification and law enforcement.

Adding AGNITIO Voice ID is the most effective and least costly way to boost Criminal ID system capabilities:

•    Resolves cases where voice is the only available evidence

•    Supports accurate and fast identification process                                              

•    Enabled by simply adding a microphone and digital recorder to booking stations

Developed in collaboration with worldwide forensic experts, national police organizations, and intelligence organizations, the combined capabilities of BATVOX and ASIS can aid in speaker identification, and enhance conviction rates in legal scenarios. Even when not used in combination, BATVOX and ASIS are still powerful voice biometrics tools that improve the efficiency and accuracy of criminal identification. These tools can also be used for identifications in large voice model databases.